“When it’s not being used it’s clear. It’s nice to see it in all weathers. When it’s windswept, when it’s rain-swept. Leaves fall on it. Flowers fall on it. The great joy of the New Zealand deck is that it’s just a terrific space. A meeting place…

“Deck decadence” – the urge to sit outdoors and move effortlessly between garden, deck, house and kitchen has become hugely important for home-owners. Nowadays a functional, stylish deck and easy outdoor living is highly desirable. Cooking, eating, sleeping, showering, playing, sitting by an open fire – New Zealanders increasingly do all these things on decks.

The fundamental joy of decks is that virtually every house can have one. One of the big attractions of decks is that they’re low maintenance – you don’t have to mow, weed or vacuum them. And the deck is often the only true level surface in the yard/back garden – the obvious solution to wobbly tables and sliding glassware. Its also – and most importantly – the only area of the house which is purely for pleasure. The deck is purely for relaxation.

Your deck is so much about family – people living together but not on top of each other. Decks make houses bigger and increase the useable area of the site. A house with no outdoor living takes on a whole new life when it gets a deck and a well-designed deck added to an old house and blended with the garden can look like its always been there. And a well-designed, quality deck can also be a wonderful investment – adding significant value to your home.

Offering a true ‘one-stop-shop’, Deckman will turn your dream deck into reality. Deckman is one of New Zealand’s only genuine deck-building specialists. Established in 2000 in Dunedin, Deckman has an enviable reputation for outstanding deck design and build quality, on-time and within the agreed budget. We will work with you to produce a design that reflects your vision, and then take that design from concept through drafting to the often confusing but vital planning and consent stage, and finally into construction and code compliance.

Contact Deckman now to discuss your needs. We’ll take care of it for you!