Decking Materials

Kiwis have traditionally preferred wood for their decks – most commonly pine, kwila or cedar, pine. Timber decking is permeable, so it allows for drainage, and it does tend to be softer and warmer. Wooden decks can be built flush with the indoor floor so the outdoor transition is seamless.

With Deckman you are spoiled for choice. As with houses, there are now many material options for your deck. These include timber, steel, glass and combinations. Let us help you choose from an ever-increasing range of quality decking materials to suit all tastes and budgets. Following is a small sample of some of the options:


Pressure Treated Timber (PTT) Radiata Pine .h3.2, CCA (copper chromium arsenate)

The most affordable decking choice on the market, this Green tinted timber will gray, splinter and crack over time. Because of this, routine maintenance of staining and cleaning is required to prolong the life span and maintain appearance. Boards come in 3.600 m 4.800m and 6.000m lengths and 19/32mm wide and 90mm and 130mm wide.

Colour Pine (Micro shade)

This is a new coloured timber product which is attractive and durable. It is generally more cost-effective than imported hardwoods. Micro Shade iron oxide is impregnated into the treated Radiata Pine using the same vacuum/pressure process as CCA timber. The colouring system combines the even colour and penetrating qualities of the dye with the long lasting colour of the pigment. Boards come in lengths of 3.600m, 4.800m and 6.000m, thickness 19mm/32mm and width  90mm and 140mm.

Bamboo Enspire Decking

This comprises a series of vertically laminated bamboo strips individually selected for colour and compatibility. Boards come in lengths of  5.400m and 6.000m, thickness 19mm and width 90mm and 130mm.

 Bamboo Evoca Decking

Introducing the natural renewable replacement to rainforest hardwood decking. Evoca is created using a patented process utilizing carefully selected solid bamboo. Boards come in lengths of  5.400m, 6.000m lengths, thickness 19mm and 32mm, and width 90mm and 140mm.

Verda. Pre-finished Radiata Pine

This sustainable option to Hardwood and superior alternative to (PTT) is a clear grade and kiln dried, new technology treatment which is free from arsenics and chromium. With new grip patterns, it is pre-stained with 3 colour options and is free from knots .  Boards come in lengths of 4.800m lengths, thickness 19mm and 32mm, and width  90mm and 130mm.

Tropical Hardwoods.  Kwila, Balau, Vitex, Garapa, Malas, Massa and Purple Heart.

These exotic rich-grained timbers are extremely hard and durable, naturally resistant to decay and insects, and have minimal shrinkage. They generally gray and splinter (not good on little kid’s feet) over time and must be protected with deck finishers (oils and stains).  All boards come in random lengthsand are 19mm thick and 90mm and 140mm wide.

Composite Decking.  Hybideck, Ecological, Trex, Timber Tec, Outdure, Duradeck, Futurewood and Peradeck. 


It’s finally here!  The low-maintenance, ‘green’, attractive choice. Composite decking has been on the North America market for almost 24 years, with Trex (Canada) being the pioneer. This material is an increasingly popular choice on our deck projects, with more people seeking ‘green’ products.  Composites are made of a special blend of recycled plastics and reclaimed timbers, and are also able to be recycled at the end of their life-cycle (typically up to 20 years). Another big benefit of  composite decking is that it is splinter-free. Your children will love you for it!  Also, this decking is available in up to 5 different colours and grains, is virtually colour-fast, and requires very little maintenance. It is generally much easier and faster to lay using the hidden fastening clip system. Boards come in lengths of 4.800m and  6.000m, thickness of  19mm/25mm thick and width of  90mm and 140mm.



Today’s decks often encompass things like a spa, planter boxes, BBQ area, pergola, outdoor kitchen etc. The options are limited only by your imagination.

Accessories, such as Pergolas, inbuilt seating, barbecues, outdoor fireplaces and screening all help to break large empty areas of decking into intimate compartments. Inbuilt planters soften the edge while hedging defines the deck space and can give a feeling of security. Where there’s a view, people can “step into it, gain a deeper feeling of it”. A well-designed deck can provide privacy, shade and shelter from rain “yet you still feel the wind and the elements”.

Awnings can also provide a softness and suppleness which are in harmony with Summer weather and create a gentle zone, halfway between the hard materials of the house and the soft garden grass and foliage.

Talk to us about the accessories that work best with your deck.