Deck Design

Deckman will design and build your dream deck for you.  We have had years of experience, and with your vision and our knowledge we will build you that dream deck you have been wanting all these years. We will help design it, choose the right materials and bring your vision to life! It may it be a simple family deck or the ultimate entertainers deck with that sought after ‘indoor-outdoor flow’.

And it is also extremely important to design a deck that suits your location and climate. For example, doing decks in “cool Dunedin” is a matter of finding a micro-climate, seeking sunshine and minimising wind-chill; picking out the heat and taking advantage of Dunedin’s fresh, clear light.

A great deck is “clean and simple”, with a rail which defines its edge (handrails are now mandatory for new decks more than one metre off the ground). It should be big enough for table, chairs, BBQ and lots of people. A good deck is “a wonderful outdoor experience, a great open space. A party deck, an entertaining deck.




Other important factors to consider in design include:

  • Safety is something that people often over-look but is critical especially for families and potential house resale. For example a safe deck with child-proof pull-up gates and high railings is a lifesaver for caregivers.
  • Trees provide instant shade and decking, unlike paving, allows water and air to reach their roots. Wrapping a deck close up round a tree generates a feeling of well-being.

There are many other potential traps for the inexperienced or ‘DIY’ deck-builder. Deckman understands all the issues and also knows what little things to do that may make a big difference to the long-term enjoyment, safety and durability of your deck. There’s a lot to be said for experience!